No matter what your target audience is, Drozone Entertainment is guaranteed to offer something that will keep audience members coming back time after time. Drozone Entertainment takes pride in our exceptional service and understands that you need more than just a booking agency - You need a relationship. While other agencies simply book artists, we provide a truly unforgettable experience.

Mike Cendro

Founder & President


About Us

Established in 2013 Drozone Entertainment was founded with a soul purpose; To make sure that all bands get treated with fairness and respect in all aspects of the industry. We maintain excelence by remaining a honest, music driven, hard working company. With some of the sharpest minds in the Detroit area and a drive for greatness an ever expanding urban sprawl has commenced. This is known as Drozone Entertainment.   

Our Services

Drozone Entertainment is developing into a one stop shop when it come to your entertainment needs.

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Direct Contact

Mike Cendro Founder and President

V.P. Of Concert Management

Rikki Roxx

V.P. of Metal

JoJo Breeding

West MI Booking / Promotion

Bender & Jap

V.P. of Hip Hop

Heather B. Dubz Hayes

Promotions/House Of Razorblades

Shannon Razorblade

Booking / Promotions

Mike Jones

All Things Video

Bradford & Joe

Music Recording Wizard

Ian M. Corrigall

Graphic Design

Jessie Gawron


Chad NyKamp


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